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Dad [Duane]: My dad is pretty awesome. All my friends think he and my mom are just hilarious. That always scares me a little bit. He's a hardworking mechanic and has owned his own business [with his brother] for the past 27 years. He's ornery [it's getting worse with age I think] and is LOVING being a grandpa.

Mom [Dawn]: This is the woman that has kept us all put together and got us out the door on the right day and time for years. Always sacrificing to make sure we were well educated, well fed, and well rounded. She loves gardening...and floating around in the pool [who doesn't?!]...and getting lost in a good book. This picture is from the day she found out she was having a granddaughter...and just like dad, she is LOVING being a grammy!

Jared [Jae/Little bro]: 22 yo. This picture should come as a disclaimer that my brother is rarely seen without a hat unless at church or the dinner table. This is a picture of a picture...the only other great picture I could find was him holding up a squirrel he just shot. Real classy. He is normally found in a truck, fixing a truck, buying a truck, or selling a truck. He’s on his 17th [don’t quote me on the number] vehicle since he was 16. He’s a full time farm hand and his driving ability far surpasses mine. When it comes to fixing anything, he’s pretty brilliant; something I believe was passed down from our dad.

Morgan [Big sister]: 26 yo. Anyone who has an older sister knows the joy and aggravation it can bring. We spent my whole life sharing a room and getting along for the most part. She was the leader and I was the follower in her grand ideas as kids. Sometimes I went along willingly, others, not so much. But her determination and creativity has served her well in life. She is now a stay at home momma to Hallie and wife to Caleb [m. 9.2.12]. She also has a very successful photography business on the side when time allows. More info on Morgan Ingram Photography can be found on her BLOG or FACEBOOK page.

 Caleb [Bro-In-Law]: What to say about this guy...! He really is a great brother in law....and our relationship is very much one of a big brother-little sister. We are always giving each other a hard time! He's a great provider for his little family. He is originally from New Hampshire and came to Ohio for college, where he eventually met Morgan.
Hallie [Darling niece #1]: Hallie Morgan entered the world on December 28th, 2013. Considering her age, you can go ahead and assume she doesn’t look like her picture anymore due to her constant growing and changing. She is as sweet as pie, ornery, hilarious. We can not get enough of this kid. She is so full of life and joy....crazy we've only known her a little over 2 years. 

Haven [Darling niece #2]: Haven Elyse entered the world on November 28th, 2015. Being an aunt to two is twice as sweet. She is cooing, singing, and smiling when we talk to her. She does not like to miss a thing and is always alert and watching. She has a cheery disposition and we are all smitten with her!

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