Saturday, July 16, 2016

What's Your Why

One of the best parts of running is having so much time to think.
One of the worst parts of running is having so much time to think.

Yesterday I logged in 7 miles and 3 more this morning, making a total of 18 for the week.  I found myself asking my two year old niece's new favorite phrase, "What! Why?" 

What is the purpose and why am I doing this. Without having a solid answers for both of those questions, my motivation and drive would not exist and working out wouldn't happen. I don't love or hate running, or exercise in general; I enjoy it. It's satisfying and rewarding, but it's work.

 Here are some of my why's that help me mentally push through:
  • I want all areas of my life to glorify Christ above all else, and taking care of the one physical body He has given me is being a good steward
  • We aren't guaranteed to be free from pain or disease on this earth, but I don't want my body to prematurely malfunction because of my lifestyle choices.
 Envision yourself as a 70 year old: Are your kids sitting next to your hospital bed after you've had a stroke? Or beside you as the doctor says you are a Type 2 diabetic? Or maybe you are still hitting up the gym, serving others, and chasing grand kids around the yard? I want to still be running in my 70's and not have my loved ones being worried that I'm one salt packet away from a heart attack.  Health crisis can't be completely averted, but many can be prevented or delayed. The choices you make now, will impact your life decades from now. 

  • Perseverance ---> Character ---> Hope (Romans 5:3-4) Not only is running great for my physical body, it's exercise for my Spiritual life as well. Pushing through a difficult workout builds character, and character leads to hope. I can always use an extra helping of all three.
  •  Should I have kids of my own someday, I want to have the energy to explore and adventure with them. I want to go running, biking, hiking, skating, and any other -ing activities that come along. I want to model for them what living a healthy life looks like. Until then, I have two sweet nieces and a classroom full of kiddos that I need to have energy to invest in.
  •  Simply stated, workouts that push and challenge me make me look and feel better. 
 " Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up." -Galatians 6:9

Write down your WHY. Make a plan of action. Find an accountability partner. You've got this!


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