Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Pursuit

New year, new thoughts, new ideas, new adventures, new goals. January rolls around every year [crazy, right?!] and people start making mile long lists of goals for the new year. I think lists and goals are great, when they are done with an intentional plan in mind to execute said goals. Two years ago I made one of those long, lofty lists filled with new things to try and places to go. While I checked several things off, I didn't hit them all. When 2014 rolled around I decided to not even make one and let my motto be "Que Sera, Sera".

Enter 2015, I sat down and made a list. A short one at that, only containing 5 goals, all obtainable within the year, but all challenging. One is where I want to be financially when the year ends, one is memorizing Scripture, and two are where I want my health/athletic ability to be by year end. 

 I also decided to pick a word for my year: diligence. I love how Dave Ramsey defines it as, "excellence over time." It's not something that happens overnight, it's an intentional pursuit of doing your absolute best over a period of time to achieve the end result you desire. I know I have a bad habit of starting things, becoming overzealous, lacking patience, and giving up when the going becomes hard not as fun as I thought it should be. This is poor character in me that needs nipped in the bud.

What are you setting out to achieve in 2015?

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  1. diligence. what a fabulous word for the new year.

    our bridesmaid dresses were from the Loft. the Lord blessed us in the store having all the dresses in the EXACT sizes we needed. :) HUUUGE blessing. oh, and they were all on the sale rack. score!

    yes! i am in paducah, ky now. YES! we neeed to meet up sometime.



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