Sunday, January 25, 2015

Hallie|Birthday Celebration

 My sweet niece, Hallie, turned ONE at the end of 2014! But it wasn't until last weekend that we were finally able to celebrate the milestone with pomp and circumstance. I had decided back in September that I wanted to create something really special for her first birthday. After seeing this idea for a stove that fit over a kitchen chair on Pinterest, I decided I would tackle the project. After all, how hard could it be with all those straight angles. Throw in some hand sewn felt food and I was set. Little did I realize how time consuming this would all be...and frustrating to make up all the patterns. Of course, since it was for my one and only niece I kept stitching....including creating an oven mitt and apron to complete the gift. If you are thinking of doing this, my suggestion is just buy your niece a miniature pony or buy a kitchen and felt food from Ikea.

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  1. i just LOVE the little kitchen set. you did SUCH a fantastic job on it. you totally get the "aunt of the year award". :) love you, girl.


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