Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Life Update|November

Now that Ohio has gotten it's first real snow of the winter, we can officially start discussing Christmas! This snow blew in Sunday evening through Monday, and by the time  it was all said and done, around 3 inches had accumulated. We had a Sunday family dinner which was to include bbq chicken roasted over the fire pit, regardless of the snow falling. Coveralls on, I manned the fire, gladly inhaling the scent of meat roasting and enjoying the new silence brought on by the snow.

Monday morning started off with a blanket of snow and a two hour delay for school, which for me translates into the same hours I normally work. I headed out and as I pulled in front of our building, I get a call from my "Aunt" Shawna that school just closed and did I want to go get coffee. And that is how I had my first official snow day of my entire life. #homeschoolproblems Though, hopefully the next one will be called before I leave my house. ha.

I've been working on gathering and creating Christmas gifts since September, and thankfully, I'm getting closed to being finished! Between two classrooms of kindergarteners and preschoolers, there are 44 students I wanted make sure I had Christmas presents for. A little Pinterest browsing for ideas, and wa-la, Kool Aid play dough kits came to life...for around $0.60 a kit. Can not beat that price, and hopefully it'll be something fun for them to get to make over Christmas break. These would also be great birthday party favors, or just an inexpensive way to bless some little people in your life.

 Found these and other darling treat bags at Jo-Ann Fabrics.

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