Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Honey-Lime Sweet Potato, Black bean & Corn Tacos

For starters, is that not the longest recipe name you've ever heard of? At that rate, they may as well have listed the rest of the ingredients in these delicious tacos! I found this recipe a week or so ago, on Pinterest, go figure....and decided to actually make them.

I was the only one really excited about trying them. Mom and dad both agreed they were good. Morgan ate one little piece of sweet potato and could taste too much onion. Jared wouldn't even try. My cousin stopped in, tried and liked them. Hallie wished she could have one. And I, personally thought they were delicious and super simple to make.

Recipe can be found on Cooking Classy's website. I omitted the fresh cilantro and coriander since we had neither ingredient. Served them on warm corn tortillas with avocado and lime juice. I almost tried making my own corn tortillas...but I wasn't feeling it.

 Eating the sweet potatoes just like this would be great too! They have an awesome kick to them.
 We love having Hallie & Morgan over for dinner on nights when Caleb is working late at Cedarville University!

Life has stayed busy lately! Work, babysitting a variety of kiddos, working on planning Hallie girl's 1st birthday in December, hikes with friends, spending time in the kitchen, and enjoying this awesome fall weather God has provided us with! Planning on still posting my recipe for crock pot yogurt and overnight oats soon! The last batch of yogurt flopped, so I was a little disappointed and never got around to posting the recipe that is normally fail proof! Soon though!

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