Monday, October 20, 2014

Fall Around the Farm

Ohio may not be quite as amazing as New England's autumn beauty, but most years, we hold our own with vibrant shades of orange, red, and golden yellow dotting our land. I've loved watching the transformation of our trees as we've somehow crept into mid October already. Before we know it, the first flurries with be flying and Christmas festivities will commence. Until then, I'm going to finish enjoying the crisp autumn air and savoring the joys of this season.

Two weeks ago we got 2 new babies on the farm, and being freshly weened, they spent their first week bawling for their momma. I went out one afternoon to start getting acquainted with them, but much like the others they weren't particularly interested in me. Only one of the steers has been named, Brutus, and the other four steers and two heifers remain nameless. Since the heifers will be around the longest, I've suggested naming them. It's a shame they are my brother's or I'd have named them Beatrice and Henrietta, or Lucy and Ethel, or something else along those lines. As you can imagine he always vetoes my great suggestions. ;)

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  1. i've been catching up on reading your blog. i just love these pictures. they are so peaceful. love you, girle!


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