Saturday, June 7, 2014

Oh, Hey Blog I Forgot About// Life [Edition III]

 P/C: Deborah Griffieth
P/C: Deborah Griffieth  
One can never see too many pictures of a kid as cute as my niece right?! She was decked out for our local Strawberry Festival where her momma and daddy won first place in the talent contest!
Their closing song for their evening performance.

 Summery sunset on the way to a bonfire. Perfection!

 We got asked 13 times if we planned to match....which we did not...
Our small town has what we call First Friday's where all the shops downtown stay open late the first Friday of each month and also have a theme for each one. This past Friday was live music, so we spent the evening listening to friends play at one of the coffee houses.

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