Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Lynni Comes To Town

If you've been reading my blog for a few years now, you've seen our beloved red head, Lynni, pop up a few times. We met WAY back in the day (think 7+ years ago) via our family blog when she was the first person to leave a comment. The first time we met was three years ago this weekend when she came down to go on my college Bible studies groups three day long camping trip. Girl showed up in yoga pants, hot pink shirt, hoop earrings, and curled hair...and we were headed to a "no shower, port-a-potty" zone. I braced myself for potentially the longest weekend of my life as it seemed I was going camping with Barbie! Turns out she could rough it and look good at the same time. ;) This past weekend she came to spend the day with us and brought her sweet baby Claire for us to meet for the first time!

 Father's day weekend 2011 after we got back from camping.
 Three years later we look nearly the same....

...but life has changed a bit!

 Fourth of July weekend 2011...Morgan and Cal were dating then....and she was convinced Morgan needed to get rid of him, I didn't agree and told her she could just go home.
 Three years later!

 Obviously, Caleb stayed...and Lynni and Morgan...and the rest of our family are pretty happy he did. He got to pretend they had twins for about 2 minutes while mom took the picture. 
 Sweet Claire Bear
1 month apart. Both 16 lbs. Matching dresses. 
Friends for life.

Lynni is also the owner of Ranchess Collections, a darling boutique she opened Fall 2013. I've only bought a few things so far....but I am in LOVE with what I purchased!

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  1. aghhhh! this is so incredibly sweet. love to see friendships that blossom.


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