Sunday, April 6, 2014

Life [Edition I]

 The past three weeks at least one of the kids has been sick. Pink eye, upper respiratory infection, ear infections, flu--you name it, they had it. Medicine was passed around, breathing treatments were given, hands were washed and everything was Cloroxed, and I did load after load of laundry. I won't even begin to describe the puking scenarios I had to clean up. I am SO thankful that the Lord protected me and I avoided all sickness.

 I was reading National Geographics at the chiropractor and saw this gorgeously painted elephant in India. Look at those nails! Thought it was too cool not to share. 

Saturday morning Morgan and Caleb had a video audition for a local festival in June. I'll eventually have a link to vote for them. I might be biased but it was pretty flawless. I met them there because of course, someone had to hold Hallie while they sang. 

According to my NH brother in law, Ohio has an unheard amount of festivals [I could easily list 15+]. Is this just a Midwestern thing....or is New Hampshire just too little for festivals?

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