Friday, April 18, 2014

|memory maker|

 Pinterest cookie fail? Our bunnies didn't turn out quite as pretty. Not that the kids cared, they ate theirs before we could get any pictures.

Geode Eggs directions found here.

I only had to work three days this week leading up to a four day weekend, so I decided to try to make it extra special for the kids. Work [i.e. being a nanny] has been a bit frustrating lately, but I wanted to make this a special week. We had a long, fun play date in the park today, decorated cookies and we made these awesome eggs. 

I hope I am making fun memories with the kids. Even if they don't remember everything, I hope they someday look back on their childhood and think of all the fun adventures we had. Hikes and picnics, play dates and library trips, cookie baking for firemen, the list goes on.

If your a mom, don't stress out and try to make things perfect and do 500 different Pinterest crafts each season. Spend time with your kids, do special activities, treats, and trips....but if it's causing you to be stressed out and get frustrated with your kiddos, it's not worth it. I look back now and wonder how in the world my mom did half the stuff she did at holidays to make them special for us. I know we were not the most docile children and always obeyed the first time. We got overly excited and things got knocked over or broken or messed up. But yet, I have fond memories of baking and icing sugar cookies, getting to put the window clings on the windows. She didn't micro manage our projects to make sure they were turning out picture perfect. She let us learn, do, and discover.  This isn't a mothers day post wrapped up with an Easter one, but mom,  whether you feel like you did or not, you rocked the holidays.


  1. Those cookies look great and I'm sure they tasted wonderful!


  2. that's a super cute idea on the cookies - and who cares if they didn't look great.. it's all in the TASTE, baby!! ;)) wise words too for us mama's on keeping what's important, important, when it comes to the holidays. i've failed at that so many times.. too caught up in wanting to create these perfect pinterest worthy memories and spazzing out when things don't go as planned. kids would much rather a calm, happy mom than a stressed, crafty one.


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