Monday, April 7, 2014

DIY-Instagram Photo Project

 First, I want to preface this post with an apology, after rereading this, I realized I have the poorest direction writing skills. But really, it's not surprising since, as a kid, I hated these kinds of writing projects and wrote as short of papers as I could get away with. When I was in the 10 or under stage, I remember writing one on how to separate an egg and then, how to make strawberry milk.

...onto the awesome project....

 I am super excited to share this project with you! I am a huge fan of Instagram and took forever debating which of my 250+ to get printed. With their little size, printing them can be a trick..until I discovered *Printstagram. They specialize in printing social media photos within the right pixel size so you don't get grainy photos. They came printed on a matte finished cardstock.

 To start this project hit up your local Goodwill or thrift store in search of a large frame. I snagged this darling for $3.99
Next, snag two $0.50 bottles of craft paint from Walmart. I wanted to give this an aqua hue, so I did two coats of white to make sure that the brown was completely covered. Next, I did a solid coat of aqua and after that dried, did a white washing over it to tone down the color.
 Because I am no crafting expert and once I get an idea for something like this in my head, I have to do it asap, regardless if I have the best tools for the job. I bought bakers twine to string my pictures from. I used a regular old staple and stapled the string on both sides then tied it around the staple.
 It would be darling to find some tiny clothes pins to add to some of these, but for now they are just taped to the string, and the due to the texture of the pictures, it won't be difficult to remove to tape if I ever want them off of here. I also labeled each picture so I can remember when they are from.
The back isn't so pretty and my lines do have some spacing issues...but I wasn't going for perfect.
The finished project! Some of my favorite people, views, and moments from the past 2 years.
Again, if you are looking to start printing some of your Instagram photos, I highly recommend Printstagram.

 *I am not receiving any compensation for my promotion
 of Printstagram--I just really love the company.

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