Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Return of Liv Life

Welcome to the new and much improved Liv Life. Whether you're a regular around here or this is your first time stopping by, I'm so excited you are here! I've poured many hours into redesigning my little space here. I've worked to turn this into something that is fresh and clean. I wanted it to better reflected who I am and what I want my blog to be. Everything is new and updated, so I would encourage you to first stop by the about and family pages at the top, and also take note of the social media buttons to the right.

 Revealing this new design has made me nervous. I've put in blood, sweat, and tears into this baby, as I waded through the world of HTML codes, layouts, and sizing issues. I am definitely not a computer or design expert, and have no aspirations to become one!  I know my mom is thankful I am done sitting in the living room growling in frustration at my computer. I did stumble upon some awesome tutorials by other bloggers for the social media buttons and for the page tabs at the top found here and here.

Liv Life will continue to have random life/instagram updates, DIY projects, health/fitness info, recipes, [hopefully] guest writers, and a whole lot of Jesus. I really do hope that He will use this blog for His glory and that this will be a place where you are encouraged, challenged, and as you learn and grow with me.



  1. Looks great! I just recently revamped my blog too...actually I just started a totally new one. :) haha, looking forward to reading your posts again!


    1. Thanks so much Kayla! I am glad to be getting back into the groove of things! =)


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