Monday, March 31, 2014

Healthy Habits E-Course [Featuring Katherine from the Real Food Runner]

I am really excited to introduce to you all today to Katherine from  Real Food Runner! She is so sweet and someone I admire when it comes to living a healthy, active lifestyle. She is a health coach and has started online, month long courses to help people makes small changes that make a big difference. I am starting her e-course today for the month of April and hope you will join in too! You'll see at the bottom where she has a link for my readers to get a 10% discount on the course. But first, I did a short Q&A with Katherine so that you could get to know her a little better!

What made you decide to pursue becoming a Health Coach? Was it something you have always been interested in?
I'm a people person, and I love psychology and food so being a Health Coach is a perfect way for me to combine two loves! In a way, I guess I've always been interested in health but my passion really for this field really started to take shape when I was 17.

When and why did you start running?
I grew up a super active kid. Sports, constantly on the go, making forts in the woods (yes, I was a tom boy!). I started running around 18, took a break and then picked back up a few years later for a local 5K cancer run race. Never looked back!

Have you learned any tips/tricks along the way that would be helpful to other runners-especially to those just starting out? 
I started running at 30 second / 90 second increments, and then walking for minutes on end. And, my pace was slow at first-- buuuut I started, and my farthest miles to date is just over 8 miles (something I never dreamed of when I put my mind to my first 5K!). That's what matters. Just start. :) You can do this! 

What is the e-course all about? 
I love the 28 Day Healthy Habits e-Course because it takes my clients back to the basics of what can help this get healthy again. So many people think they have to do something drastic to get results, but really you don't!

With a short YouTube video each day (~5 min or less) and an Action Step to complete-- we walk through the Top 3 main habits of a healthy lifestyle. Everyone can make a list, and we all know it doesn't take a rocket scientist to FEEL BETTER from just drinking enough water for our specific bodies (Health Habit #1), eating fruits and vegetables (Health Habit #2), and moving a little bit everyday (Health Habit #3), right? 

But, it does take consistency AND the right support. :) 

Plus- you get access to a certified Holistic Health Coach during your online program! That would be me, of course. :P 

So, I hope you'll join Olivia and I this month as we rock some Healthy Habits to welcome Spring!!

As a special for Olivia's readers, you will RECEIVE a 10% DISCOUNT for April's cycle. :) Go HERE, to sign-up! Soon afterwards, I will send you an e-mail with your Login Information, and you can get started. 

Thank you, Olivia, for hosting me on your blog today! :) 
Katherine is also giving us a sample freebie of the course from Day 5 talking about cravings [Find that HERE] She also has a great blog post on the topic.

Cravings As Signals [blog post]

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