Thursday, January 2, 2014

Welcome To The World//Meet Hallie

Hallie Morgan Ingram made her grand entrance 
December 28th around 11:30pm. 
6lbs. 4oz. 20in. long
Ridiculously adorable. 
This first time aunt is in love!
2 hours old. Check out those longer wrinkly fingers and feet! 

Left is from her first morning when she had the hiccups! Right is from around 2:30am
Momma & Miss Squishy Cheeks on their first morning together.

The rest of these are from a 2.5 hour snuggle session we had Monday night.
I still can't believe she's real. 


  1. Adorable!!! Her little mittens are killing me!! :))

  2. oh. my. word. she is beyond perfect. <3 makes me want to be an aunt that much more!

    hope you had a lovely new year.


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