Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Until We Meet Again//Blogging Break

 As we start off 2014, I have decided to take a bit of a blogging hiatus. After 6 years of trying to post somewhat frequent, it's time for a break. Hopefully, I will come back in the spring after doing some  sprucing up on the blog. The current purpose of my blog is to have a record of my life--I like having an online source where I can go back and see and read what was happening in my life 3 years ago. But I also like having the opportunity to share my heart and life with others across the country--I've met some very dear people through blogging.

So two things: If you do read my blog on a regular basis, would you comment and let me know? Sometimes it's refreshing knowing that people really do read it. =) And even if you aren't a regular, as I am working on revamping and refocusing this blog, what are some things you would enjoy reading, learning, seeing? Recipes? Crafts? Etc?

I am looking forward to this new year that is filled with new adventures, learning experiences, and challenges. I want to encourage you to make a plan, write it down, and live it out for 2014 so that you can reach the full potential that the Lord has planned for you.


PS. You can still follow me on instagram for small life updates.


  1. I have only bumped into your blog a few days ago, but I've enjoyed it so far! (please don't quit! :P)
    Looking forward to a spruced up blog from you :))

  2. I'm a frequent reader. I love your blog :) Can't wait to see what's in store!

  3. Hey Liv! I love your blog but I totally understand about the hiatus. I have been taking one since September and it actually is refreshing. As a friend it is a great way to see what you are up to and what you enjoy. Of all the posts you have done, the fitness posts REALLY inspired me. I will still check in even if you take a hiatus. ;-)

  4. i totally read your blog although i don't comment very often. your posts are all so fun! specifically, i love to hear about your running excursions and would love to learn new things when you take your personal training course/class. :) happy blog break. enjoy it! :) xoxoxo.

  5. I'm a horrible blog reader...but yours is one I always check every few months and then scroll down because I can't stop! you are a talented writer and I enjoy reading :) I like craft/food ideas, fitness, and thoughts on life. Enjoy your break!


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