Monday, November 25, 2013

Homemade Butter Toffee [+ Insta updates]

This was my first attempt at making any variety of hard candy--well, besides years ago when I attempted peanut brittle and it flopped. But this, my friends, turned out beautifully. My sister says it melts in your mouth. And it was actually super simple to make, perfect for giving away as a gift! Since I didn't alter any part of the recipe [minus using milk chocolate instead of dark] I'm going to send you to Five In Tow for the recipe.
 winter walk
the look i got for singing We Wish You A Merry Christmas as I walked down the drive way
it seems every November dad asks if i can assist him on the roof, always for different reasons [putting on shingles after last weekends storm]. since we're getting a metal roof soon, this was probably our final roof adventure.
saturday was [shop local day] nation wide and i did my part and crossed some christmas presents off my list.
glittery snow and a burst of sunshine
and one of thee best cookies know to man kind. whippersnappers. recipe here. mom was baking them to stick in the freezer, but jae and I taste tested for quality control.

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