Sunday, October 13, 2013

Fitness Challenge//Week 2

Good morning! Hope your Monday is off to a bright start and your starting to feel more energized by working out on a regular basis. I thought this week I'd show you my favorite shoulder routine that is simple, effective, and only takes about 10 minutes. You'll feel the burn! But first, how did your push ups and squats go last week? I got around 25 texts Wednesday which meant about 250 push ups...& with no shame, I'll tell you I did the girl version. My arms were floppy when I went to bed and I could hardly move them Thursday morning I was in such agony! But it felt so good to be for this weeks challenges

WEDNESDAY is going to be more of the same....PUSH 10 for every text.
if you didn't feel the burn last week, let me know and i'll be sure and boom text you so you can get at least 100 in. =)

FRIDAY is going to be 10 LUNGES for every facebook notification you get. If you don't have facebook, do 10 per text. If you are around home, try adding in bicep curls! And that's not 10 per leg. If you want you can do 5 on the right and 5 on the left each time. Or if you can keep track do 10 on the right side and the next time do 10 on the left.

seriously, could youtube not have picked a better frame to freeze my face at? ha

Some of you may have already perfect form on lunges, squats, and push-ups...but I know sometimes I get way off. So I reset and start again. If you can have a full length mirror handy to work on your form, that will help a ton. Always remember QUALITY over QUANTITY--so good form beats out the number of reps you do any day. Trying to keep in the back of your mind that you need to hold your abs in tight at all times! That's where my mirror comes into play, I often times forget but will see in the mirror and correct my form. 

 as I said. I have yet to perfectly master push up form, regular or girl version..especially when it means taking about 5 different shots and running to beat the 10 second camera timer. overall this isn't bad for half way down in a push up, but my shoulders could be flatter and my head up a little higher in both push ups. 
 i deem girl push ups totally acceptable. you will still feel them!
 the proper lunge form is 90 degree angles on both legs. knee should never come over your toes in your front leg. and your knee and thigh should be vertical, not angled. shoulders should be back, abs in, and head & neck up, not looking down. For a modify version to make it easier, move your back leg out, from underneath you and stretch it out a bit to create an make your thigh at an angle instead of vertical.
I find squats have to be the most awkward of exercises. I am cringing over posting this! Proper squat form also does not allow your knees to come over your toes. Head should be straight ahead, back should be flat, and feet should be shoulder width apart. Push your bum towards the back of the room like you are sitting down in a chair. To modify, simply don't sit down as far and you can also spread your feet farther than shoulder width apart. If you have balance issues with either these or lunges, consider putting a chair in front of you to hold on to.

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