Monday, October 28, 2013

Final fitness challenge week!

So challengers, we have reached the final leg of this journey & I am so proud of each one of you for sticking with it! And I know some of your were concerned that you missed a day or didn't do your push ups right or whatever....but that's okay! We weren't going for perfect, we were going for progress and trying to make a habit! I'll admit, doing 30 minutes at the bare  minimum of 3 times a week has taken some will power from this girl that normally enjoys exercise. I think I burnt myself out with the 1/2 marathon training and doing Insanity. Both were huge time commitment and had me working out 4-6 times a week normally for about an hour. It's easy for me to want to come home from work and just want to crash, but if I push myself to start working out, I always feel better afterwords!

I thought this was a great reminder...don't compare yourself, or your progress to the girls you see on pinterest that are completely ripped with a Nike quote on them. To me, that's not what I can an inspiration. But also, don't compare yourself the the people around you either, fitness or otherwise. We're only made in One person's if you want to look like someone else, I would encourage you to look at Jesus as your measuring stick.
 The prize drawing will happen this coming weekend and I will draw and announce the winner stay tuned for that!

For the final week I think we definitely need to have challenges:

Wednesday: For every text you receive I want you to do everyone's favorite PUSH UPS [10 per text]! yay. =)

Friday: It's your choice, you can either do squats or lunges...whichever you prefer...10 for every time you go to the bathroom. If you want to do a combo of the my guest!

I considered changing up the exercises, but I believe these are 3 of the least awkward ones to do if you happen to be doing them at work. =)

Finish strong! 

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