Monday, September 23, 2013

Week [end] Update

Fall around here has started off with some gorgeous, chilly weather. And since it's officially fall, we can talk about pumpkin everything. I think when baking you can't go wrong with apples or pumpkins. =) Speaking of food, Jae got five calves this past Saturday. Two Hereford heifers, that will be bred eventually and three Hereford/Angus steers for eating. They are simply darling, minus the consistent moo's. A morning text from mom summed it up well: "The cattle are lowing, such racket they make-but soon they'll be quiet and turned into steak..."

Morgan & Caleb are in the process of renovating an old farmhouse, which has to be liveable by the end of November. So weekends and evenings have been spent doing all sorts of projects. We spent Saturday afternoon there and I did everything I could to get out of painting. I swept, caulked, took off light switch covers, took down old curtains. And of course we were looking super fine! 
Fashionista and her baby bump!
 ...and I saw a tutorial on pinterest for making a lace shirt. It looked simple and I decided that for under $10, I was willing to give it a try. I bought the fabric and sewed it all in the same night because I was so excited about it. I traced a shirt I already liked the fit of and used it as my pattern. The tutorial can be found here! Let me know if you give it a try!
 The neckline and bottom are both finished and I left the sleeves unfinished. Since I plan on hand washing it, I don't think it should unravel. 
  And in case you were thinking I always look classy, Exhibit A [above] is just further proof. Mom pulled out some old boxes and I had to try on her jazzy dress, glasses, and purse. And to think Jae wouldn't let me go to Walmart with him looking like this on a Friday night no less.

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