Wednesday, September 11, 2013

[Oh Deer]

 About a week ago I was cruising Pinterest, as we ladies like to do, when I saw a pin for free printable animal silhouettes. Needless to say, I saw them and an idea was planted into my head. A few cents under $3 and about an hour later I had new wall art.

 Unintentionally, the background paper I bought is nearly identical to the wall color. 
 While it's a free printable, my printer wasn't cooperating with me. So a piece of computer paper on my screen and a pencil to carefully trace it.

 Instead of just gluing it to my peach card stock, I decided to take the glass out of the frame and make it 3D. So I improvised and stacked buttons on top of one another and used hot glue.

My ever changing, eclectic wall.


  1. So neat Liv! I love that you took something "manly" and made it feminine and oh, so cute. Love the colors. Out of curiosity, what color are your walls? I am all about knowing wall colors now that I need to paint an entire house. :-)

    1. Paint color: My paint chip is from Ace and is their own brand, but dad actually took the chip and got the paint at Lowes. All three window walls have Amber Afternoon and the other walls are two squares up the paint chip called Peachtre


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