Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Life Update

 The last two weeks of my life have been crazy busy! And after catching up on sleep, I am starting to get back into the groove of real life! Two weeks ago today I was scurrying around the kitchen baking cookies and making fudge to enter in our county fair. The peanut butter fudge is my great grandma's recipe and is killer [double meaning: it's super delicious and contains more sugar and margarine than a person should consume in a year]. I was super thrilled that it got a blue ribbon out of 12 other entries!

The very next day I hightailed it to Columbus with a few friends to a pro life press conference and banquet to reintroduce the Heart Beat Bill. Just so happens that the Duggar clan was also in attendance. I did hair in the car, spilled coffee, and accidentally sprayed airosol hairspray on the ride. But we all survived and I got to bed about 1:30am. o_0

The next day started The Great Darke County Fair. Hello more sleep deprived nights! But it's always so worth it. I showed a sheep for the 2nd time ever and got 4th out of 5. Good thing my 4-H years were spent showing pigs! We ate delicious food, walked so much my feet almost fell off, square danced, watched horse pulls,  and spent late nights at the porch swing/glider displays.

 This commemorates our 7 year friendiversary! We met the first Friday of fair 7 years ago in the sheep barn....we've been celebrating ever since.



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