Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Transformation Tuesday

 This [wrinkled] shirt has been a staple in my wardrobe since I bought it about 4-5 years ago. I snagged it off the Charlotte Russe clearance rack for $5. I have always worried about the day that it started to come apart. The bottom button loop has been on the fringe since I bought it.
 Imagine my horror Saturday when I went to put it on, saw these holes! I decided to attempted to savage it before the whole thing unraveled.
 I tucked the sleeve under, sewed a new arm hem [is that what you call it?] and wa-la. 
It is saved. 

 While I still had the sewing machine and ironing board out and was on a role, I decided to attempt the same thing with a different shirt. No holes in this one, but I would wear it and "I'll fly away old glory, I'll fly away...." would just run through my head. The sleeves were just too short and awkward to be fluttery. So off they went.
 But in the mean time, our power went out thanks to some heavy rain and a few rumbles of thunder. So this project got put on the back burner until the power came back on and I spent the rest of the afternoon curled up with a good book.

 & the finished project. Checked them off my sewing to-do list.

Power out meant dinner out.

Happy Tuesday.



  1. you did great! now I'm inspired to transform some of my clothes. once I sewed flair leg pants into skinny legs, so we'll see how shirts go!

  2. Lookin good Liv!!! I really like what you did with your shirts. They look feminine and cool for the summer months. Can't wait to see more of your handiwork. :-)


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