Monday, June 24, 2013

The Camping Adventure of All Camping Adventures

 The camping adventure of all camping must surely think I jest. Lets pretend we are sitting across from one another swapping camping stories. I would ask if you had ever been part of a college group from the middle of the cornfields who embarked on a journey 3 hours away--loaded to the gills with 46 people total [chaps included], enough luggage to clothe an orphanage, and food to feed an army, all crammed into two church vans, two trucks, and a trailer?

I might would proceed to ask if you ate amazing food like spaghetti and meatballs, biscuits & gravy, and fajitas cooked over an open fire? Did you get to witness the engagement of two people in your group? Or watch Monsters INC. in the middle of the woods where cell phone service ceased to exist?

Did you get scraped up, bruised up, and ate up? Did you see a super moon? Did 3 out of 4 people on your putt-putt team get a hole in one on the same hole?

Obviously, this is the best camping trip that has ever happened, so far. But since this year was greatly improved upon from last years, I can hardly wait for 2014's adventure.

 The gang all ready to roll!
And yes, yes I did curl my hair to go camping. I decided to start off looking cute because it was bound to get ugly by the time Sunday evening rolled around. 

 Hocking Hills State Park
 Ignoring the guys in the back, we had an awesome group of girls. The highest number of females on a trip yet I think.

Morning hike
 Super advanced group [self named]. We blazed the trail and ran the last stretch of the hike beating the rest of the group back.
 Got to climb a huge tower. Slightly freaky!

 Lake Logan....trying to build a pyramid until...
 they got whistled at by a park ranger.

 sweet sara! and "brother" alex.
 Lauran & I

 My awesome canoeing buddy, Danielle.
And we snagged the best vehicle there was. Awesome truck + fun people + air conditioning + good music. 

All in all, no one died, I actually took a shower on the trip [miracles do happen], nobody got food poisoning, and we had a blast! 

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