Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Sweetness Itself

 I have had a fairly blissful 8 days of work...only one left before reality hits again! I've divided my time up between being super busy and doing absolutely nothing. And it's been perfectly wonderful!
Yesterday I was featured on Erin's awesome blog, Sweetness Itself. I've been reading her writing for a little over a year now and she has become a dear friend. Her writing is laced with wisdom, truth, and encouragement.

I also spent yesterday with my cousin's darling munchkins. We hiked, had a picnic, played in the creek, and bought tons of candy at a penny candy store.

 They are so sweet and hilarious. 6 & 4 are good ages to be.
 Today was my "I am going to do absolutely nothing" day. Which started off by sleeping in almost to 9:30am. The latest I've slept all of these days off. I decided I was going to do some target shooting to hone in my rifle skills.
and as you can see I was quickly humbled by my lack thereof. I blame it on my lack of steadiness, less than perfect eye sight, and not being a superb shot. Need.more.practice.

I raced my first 10K this weekend...which was way too early for my liking. The race started at 7:30, which meant I was up by 6am. It was gorgeous weather and Brittney is such a sweet friend and great running partner....we talked the whole entire time! 

& apparently I need to increase my in depth, brilliant thoughts and posts have been sorely lacking lately...and since they normally occur to me while running, I must not be doing enough. I do have two guest posts for you coming up in the next few of which is my sister!!!


  1. Love this post. hanging with munchkins is always fun! Esp if like in my family you have some that are 3 mths old. love baby sugar. :D Wow.... bet shooting was fun. That's a good way to take stress out on. Hope you have a good rest of the week.

    1. Ooh. 3 mo are one of my favorite ages. They are alert but still just want to be held and snuggled!!


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