Thursday, June 27, 2013

Insanity, Personal Training, & Blessercizing.

 May the God who gives endurance and encouragement give you the same attitude of mind toward each other that Christ Jesus had, so that with one mind and one voice you may glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Accept one another, then, just as Christ accepted you, in order to bring praise to God. -Romans 15:5-7

So after my half marathon, I decided to take a break from running. Might have been a poor choice because without a goal to work towards, I started slacking in all areas of exercise. Then, at the beginning of June, my gym membership expired. So it was either renew it, or switch it up. I have debated doing Insanity for over a year, but finally decided that it was cheaper than renewing my gym membership so I might as well try it.

Day 3 complete and let me tell you, I have never had a harder work out. Nike has some quote about if you still look good at the end of a work out, you haven't worked hard enough. I am not an overly sweaty person, so if I start my work out looking half way decent I normally don't look to different post the push ups, side planks, and whatnot. But this, my friend, is giving me a run for my money. I literally had sweat run off of my chin and off my fingertips. Given, the humidity was about 500% and we didn't have the air on. I was assigned an accountability partner and am part of a group that all started on the same day...higher chances of sticking with it through the whole 60 days.  
Post day 3 of Insanity. The sweat was pouring off my fingers, my chin, my left earlobe (earlobe might be a bit of a stretch....)
 Oh, and have I mentioned that I am studying to become a personal trainer myself? Yeah, guess I've forgotten that detail.

I decided that this was something that I wanted to pursue after working with my own trainer. She is certified through American Counsel on Exercise, which is the most widely recognized training program. I enjoy working with people and I enjoy exercising and teaching others about it. I started in February, did the first chapter and stopped. I had only told a few people I was doing it, because I was scared that 1. I wouldn't finish it. 2. I would fail the exam. or 3. People would judge me for not looking like what I envision a personal trainer needs to look like.

After chats with my family and a few friends, they re-encouraged me to start studying again...and are keeping me accountable by asking how it's going. I work a full week as a nanny but between naps, I do have down time, so I am working on utilizing that to my benefit to study. Lord willing I will register for the exam in September and take it in February 2014. Job wise, not sure how, when, or where I will use it. There is a growing demand for trainers and I could go onto get another certificate in group training, geriatrics, or health & nutrition. 
There are only two books, but there is SO.MUCH.TO.LEARN! 

And if are having issues envisioning me as a PT, just watch this. Can you say role model? 
Bring on the leg warmers, side ponies, and unitards as you are girded with strength for your David dance. 


  1. I just spent a good minute laughing at that Blessercize video....oh my...

    1. I've watched it like 5 times and still can't get enough!!

  2. Liv-
    I am so excited for you! I think you will make a great trainer because you are so encouraging and you stick to what you believe in. I have a really good friend who is starting a training center in Prague as a ministry. She comes home this summer - I bet you two would really hit it off. BTW, don't let anyone - including yourself - tell you that you are not good enough. You are amazing and you are gonna be an AWESOME trainer!
    Laura :-)

  3. go you!! amazing job for even beginning the insanity workout. :) i have started doing the 15 minute shawn t. workout and just doing that gives me a run for my money. so know the feeling of sweat running off the end of the nose and other places. hahaha!

    and a personal trainer? you'll do a fabulous job with that!



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