Tuesday, May 7, 2013

WIWW [Edition #9]--& morning realities.

Maxi skirt: Target-$4 on the clearance rack
Flowered sandals: Old Navy-$12 last summer in the girl's section
White tank: Target-$7
Yellow/Green t-shirt: Target-$7 
Jean jacket: Goody's-$20 originally $50.
 This maxi skirt has saved me from a major fashion bomb on at least two occasions. See the black stuff, that's kinesio tape, it helps hold and support my muscles where they are suppose to be. It is applied by my chiropractor and stays on for several days at a time. It has proven to be a challenge to hide it with warmer weather.
Shirt: Rue 21-Gift from my sister in my maid of honor bag from her wedding.
Jeans: Thrift store-$8
Boots: Justin Bent Rail-$$$

This is what I wore the evening before the race...I like being countrified when I go to big cities, ha! Ended up walking about 20+ blocks in them which was maybe not the wisest decision the night before my half. 

  & this week I was thinking about how I spend so much time to make sure I look all pulled together--every hair is in place and sprayed to the hilt, clothes are just so, and make-up is highlighting not overpowering. & how exhausting it can be to care so deeply what others think of me. so I am currently working on not caring so much, not in a "I'm going to look like a ragamuffin" kind of a way, more of a "stop being vain and trying so hard to make sure people like you because of how you look, not who you are." I get so wrapped up in myself sometimes that it ends up stealing my attention away from genuinely loving and caring about others.

 As females we are constantly hit with waves of insecurity from comparing ourselves to those gracing the cover of check out line magazines or our closest girl friends, & the counter message from the Christian community is that we are beautiful, valued, and worthy. Leslie Ludy says it well when she says...

 "The danger of that message is that it promotes self-esteem &we're looking [within] ourselves trying to find our value, our beauty, and our worth."

[dagger to the heart moment as the truth of the statement sinks in, now watch the video for more nuggets of conviction to gnaw on]


these photo's were all taken on the same day. the left is just rolled out of bed, literally, and the other is later in the day. given, even with my hair and make up done in the mornings, my eyes still look squinting and not awake. a trait I have inherited from my dad. there is no make up trick i have found to ward it off, other than time. 

so there you have it. me. no make up. & really crazy hair that took some time to tame.

What do you think of the Leslie Ludy video? 

Is vanity/insecurity something you struggle with?

If yes to 2., 
How is the Lord working in your life to help you overcome those things?

pleated poppy


  1. Love this, Olivia. I am unable to watch the movie right now due to internet situation here, but I like what you are saying and it hits close to some of the things that God has been teaching me! I actually decided to let go of some things temporarily back in February...and one of these things was make-up. This was extremely difficult for the first few weeks, but God taught me a lot during that time...including finding my identity and value in HIM. When it came to the end of the month, I felt like God was still working on me, so I continued on without make-up. It is now May, and I haven't yet decided when/if I will resume. But it is refreshing to let go of that need to impress or satisfy others and simply turn my eyes to my Creator and Father to find His view of beauty!

    Thank you for sharing. :)

  2. I'm a new follower. Found you thru ur guest post. You're a great writer and a beautiful person. I also live with my parents. and at times I think that's a bad thing.


    1. Hey! So excited to have you as a new follower! Living with your parents as an adult can be both a major blessing but definitely still has some challenges! =)


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