Monday, May 13, 2013

Weekend Remnants

Finally got my official race picture....& was quite pleased to have been captured with a smile & both feet off the ground. 
 We also posed for one of the event photographers, I plan on framing it....such an awesome day with one of my favorite girls!
 & because I am half crazy, i signed up for a 5K this past Saturday. & it was FREEZING out...i actually could see my breath! I ran my fastest mile time [8.07] & my fastest 5K [27.26] & I won 3rd place for females 20-24! So I am seriously considering not running another 1/2 or a full marathon in the fall and really work on getting my 5K time faster.

 Shopping antique stores with mom & Morgan....we loved the nest sign made entirely out of different fabrics.
 I tried super hard to convince my mom she needed this such luck.

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