Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Real Deal

 If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw this picture of Apple Pie Oatmeal. I attempted it for the first time this morning...and it was delish, plus it actually kept me full till lunch. I found the recipe over at The Gracious Pantry but I tweaked mine a little. I didn't have the steel cut oats she called for so I used quick cooking oats instead. I also doubled the spices because I love both cinnamon and allspice. This was like autumn in a bowl. If you aren't use to eating healthy, this probably is going to be bland to you.

 One of my favorite health blogs is Peak 313 Fitness and Clare challenged her readers to do 7 days of clean eating as a "spring cleaning." Here's the details for it if you want to join. I decided that was exactly what my body needed after Easter and pre-1/2 marathon. I like eating whole, real foods, but it definitely takes more time and money. But I think the outcome is worth the investment.

Another one of my newest blogs I have discovered is the Real Food Runner. Kathrine is co-hosting a Green Smoothie Challenge next week...and I think I might just join. I made my first green smoothie Monday using kale...definitely something I need to tweak. It wasn't awful but it wasn't awesome either.

Two of my other favorite health/fitness bloggers are Mandy at Biblical Homemaking & Abbie at Five Days...5 Ways. Their blogs are both super encouraging to read with different health tips and fitness info, but I also find them to be spiritually encouraging.

 And this is my current real life. This is what is going down as I write this. Clothes all.over.my.floor. Ahhh. I seem to have a fashion crisis about once a week. Wednesday night mom, Morgan, and I are going to the Broadway performance of Mary Poppins...with this being my first Broadway play I had a darling spring dress and wedges ready to wear. Super tight muscles and a visit to the chiropractor later, and both legs are sporting kinesio tape. Unfortunately, it doesn't match my planned outfit. Oh and I am suppose to put ice and heat on my legs for about an hour a day. The reality is, I never sit for a whole hour at once, who has time for that! & tonight's smoothie venture didn't include greens, just a banana, frozen mango & pineapple chunks, plain greek yogurt, and a splash of milk....best one yet!

Yesterday I was going to attempt 12 miles but it ended up being more like 6. Most of which I walked. My legs killed and I was so upset with myself, even though, the leg pains were real and it's good that I didn't push myself before getting my legs worked on. Then tonight at the gym I had my measurements retaken and had my BMI level retested. It's been since the end of January, I like doing it every couple of months to measure my progress. But tonight, there was very little change. Major bummer. So much work, and no major results to show. I was so discouraged, so quickly, and I had to ask myself of why I am doing what I am doing...is it so I can have an awesome tone body or is it for the glory of God--exercising and eating healthy to serve Him in the best possible ways?


Let's be real here, I always compare my body to others. And it robs me of joy that I should have as a daughter of the King who created me. Instead of grumbling to myself how much progress I seem to think I am not making, I should be thankful for all that I can do and all that I have achieved.

Here's an interesting read on the "Instagram's Envy Effect." This article was part of the inspiration for this post. The last thing I want is for people to think I have it all together. It's easy to hide behind the computer screen or even fake it in real life, that everything is peachy. But we are all working through things, growing, changing, and I think you can begin to build a community when you let down the walls and allow people to see who you really are.

 The Lord your God is with you,
    the Mighty Warrior who saves.
He will take great delight in you;
    in his love he will no longer rebuke you,
    but will rejoice over you with singing.
Zephaniah 3:17 

Rest in the truth that the Lord delights in you, He loves you, He created you, and He desires to know you in a deep & intimate way. If you are going to run, I suggest running to Him. Full speed ahead & never stop. You won't regret it.

And lastly, to wrap this up & attempt to tie everything together, here's an interesting video about how we [as females] so often view ourselves vastly different from how the rest of the world views us.


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  1. you are the bomb dot com! i can barely run 3 miles. :)

    i hope you're legs and muscles heal and are ready for your big race when it comes.

    btw, you have no reason to compare your body because you have an utterly cute figure. :)



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