Monday, April 8, 2013

Shortness Abound [Jean Hemming Tutorial]

 If you are like me and have been blessed with the gift of shortness, you probably know all to well the trial of finding jeans that are the right length...I suppose everyone probably deals with this to a degree, but having to always alter inches off your jeans is less than ideal. It can actually be a really big pain. I recently bought a pair of jeans at the thrift store that were really long...which was perfect because I needed them long to wear as boot jeans.

 My father, brother, and I all have a boot fetish...they more than I. Jared considers himself to be a bit of a boot expert as well as a fashion expert when it comes to the proper length jeans need to be for boots. The kid has 20-ish pairs of jeans and about 10-15 pairs of boots. Rough estimate but not an exaggeration. I decided to try a new method where you keep the original hem...BEST.THING.EVER! So much simpler. Plus, this is how they do it at the Buckle for Miss Me's and Silver's and all those other darling, way too expensive jeans.

 Step one. Measure how long you need them to be. Don't include the original hem when you measure....notice where my measuring stick is. Decide the total number of inches you need to take off and then divide that in half. Example: I needed to take off 1 inch total, so I carefully measured it to 1/2 inch, ironed, and pinned all the way around.  Make sure it's as exact as possible.

 Step 2: Sew as closely as possible to the right side edge of the original hem. Make sure to back stitch when you start and finish....going around a 2nd time wouldn't hurt either.

 Step 3: Iron them down well. You can also cut off the excess fabric inside. Because there isn't much and these scrunch at the base of my boots, I just left it.
Only one of these legs is done. Pretty hard to tell though right? Especially when you have them on...nobody checks out the hems of other people's pants...and if you do....that's just weird. ha. 

Completely finished pants will appear sometime next week in pictures of the weekend in Louisville, KY at PBR!

Confused? Comment and I will tweak this as needed if more detail is needed. But I promise, this is super duper simple. I was a skeptic at first, but now I am a fan.

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  1. Great tutorial! I have a couple pairs of jeans that I need to do this to, but wasn't quite sure how! Thanks for sharing.


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