Thursday, April 4, 2013

Hello Friday [+ my first 'vlog']

  New Boots

documentary on annie oakley--my hero



potentially next week I will work on a post that doesn't include what I wore or instagram pictures...maybe something less vain and with some more depth to it....but until then... around here, if you had yet to notice the new button sandwiched in up there called
Share The a miracle and a good tutorial, I managed to create a blog button. Needless to say, I feel very tech savvy having created something with a html code.

& for your first..."vlog."

1. I don't like the term vlog, it's weird & it makes me cringe.
2. If you count how many times I say um, clear my throat, and use my hands you could get a *prize.
3.*actually there is no prize.
4. Totally unrelated to anything else on here, but I thought i should make note that I really like John Denver...especially in the summer.


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  1. you go girl! you are definitely a motivator for me. i have only done 5ks and a may be a while before i get to the half-marathons. ;)



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