Friday, April 19, 2013

Fresh Friday |Link-up|

Happy Friday! Chances are your's is chilly fun, huh?! Today I am linking up over at The Real Food Running for Kathrine's Fresh Friday sharing three of the highlights from my week. It has been crazy busy...but a good week.

1. Wednesday night mom, Morgan, & I went to my first Broadway musical-Mary Poppins. It was nothing short of spectacular. If it comes near you, it's totally worth the ticket price.

2. Went on a run/bike ride with my best friend & "niece" while the weather was still nice!!

3. My week of clean eating has been fairly successful. Today I switched up my oatmeal by using milk in place of water, adding some vanilla, and blueberries instead of apples. So good!

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  1. these are some great highlights! :) yay for loving mary poppins. :) those blueberries are looking good, girl.



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