Tuesday, March 26, 2013

WIWW [Edition #6]

 The stats up close:
Scarf: Forever 21--Gift
Peach flower: Forever 21--Gift [actually is part of a necklace but has a clip on the back to be worn multiple ways]
Bracelet: Fashion Bug--$20 [major splurge item. i was in a mad dash last spring to find jewelry to add a punch of color to a taupe dress I got at Forever 21 for the same price, so I found this lovie and it has become a staple to my wardrobe....definitely money well spent].

And the rest:
Peach tank: Target--$7 
White shirt: Sadie Grace [Boutique]--$11
Grey sweater(?!): Old Navy $18 [another splurge item in my closet, but yet another thing i have worn countless time, a last minute go to that I have paired numerous different ways.]
Jeans: American Eagle--On sale, $30
Argyle socks that actually match: Target--$1.50
Shoes: Sperry's--Gift

You know what's been interesting about this whole What I Wore Wednesday link up, is that is has made me view getting dressed in a new light. It makes me desire to dig through my clothes to come up with new combos, to wear jewelry besides just earrings, to make my hair look cute. 

Even so, there are days in the week where that just doesn't happen. And that's okay. Probably even healthy. I am not always prim and proper, crisply ironed. I know I appreciate when I see those around me on a regular basis not dressed to the nines every time I see them, because that is part of real life. 

I want to glorify God in all that I do, which includes what I wear, but my desire is for people to first notice my love for my Savior and for others, before they take note of what I am wearing. I want to put on an attitude each morning that matches Christ's--one of love, grace, patience, mercy & joy.

And I want to put on a smile....because as Little Orphan Annie once sang, 

"You're never fully dressed without a smile."

pleated poppy

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