Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Pinterest--& Why I Nearly Deleted Mine

We all love pinterest don't we?
It's darling, filled with millions of inspirational things.

Recipes, quotes, clothing, clever crafts, wedding ideas galore, time saver hints and tricks, the list goes on and on.

 Pre de-cluttering my boards.

Since I was little I've had an obsession with de-cluttering and organizing my belongings. I would purge my dresser drawers, closet, and desk on a fairly regular basis. I still do this--clothing, paperwork, books, junk, etc.

I also do the same with my online stuff. My email inbox currently has two emails. They come in, I read them, they get responded to, if need be, then deleted. If necessary they get moved into a designated file folder. And every so often I go through those. My facebook messenger has only currently needing responded to messages...otherwise they are archived or deleted.

I want to get rid of things that take up my time from what is really important to me--Jesus, human beings, fitness, learning, & sleep.

Pinterest became just another outlet for me to lust after clothing and hair I don't and won't have. Recipes I will never make. Crafts I don't have time or skill for. The wedding which I have no groom for. The children I don't have. The houses I can't and may never be able to afford. I had so many things I didn't even remember I had pinned.

I began to notice how very little I am on pinterest anymore, and if I do get on, it's in attempt to procrastinate...or just waste time in general. I had so many things I didn't even remember I had pinned half of them. 

 I guess you might could say reading blogs is a waste of time, but the blogs I follow encourage and challenge me....I glean wisdom from them....so I vote they are worth my time.

 After de-cluttering it!

 So I went through and completely re-evaluated each of my boards and their necessity in my life.  I went from 22 boards and 1,030 pins to 6 boards and 519 pins. I left the things I love--quotes & scripture, cakes--as a former 'cake decorator' I love looking at creative decorating ideas, my blog--pinterest has been a great place to promote my blog...which makes this post slightly ironic, favorite places is pretty much filled with my hearts desire to go out west, barns...i have a weird soft spot in my heart for them, and health...which is a hodgepodge of recipes, tips, and ideas for a more active lifestyle.

And that's why my Pinterest account was almost no more.

What do you think about Pinterest?

Love it?

Waste of time? 

Don't even understand what the hype is about?

It would make me quite happy if you chimed in. =)


  1. I would like to know how to delete pins and boards

    1. Marti! To delete boards simply go to your profile on Pinterest. Click in the board you want to edit. At the very top it should say Edit Board. Click that and then there is a Delete Board button at the bottom. To delete individual pins hold your mouse over the top left hand corner and an edit button with pop up, and again there is a delete pin button at the bottom. This is with the new pinterest layout, so you may need to switch to that first...I don't remember how it worked before. =) Hope that helps!


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