Sunday, March 10, 2013

Online Garage Sale--Hello Spring

Dearly Beloved,
We have gathered here today for two reasons. 1. To celebrate and acknowledge that this is my 300th blog post! I was such a dork when I first started this. Ha. 2. Say hello to my first blog garage sale. It could also be the last...we'll see how it goes. This will be akin to an online thrift store, if they had them that is.

Today is the first day where it not only feels like spring, but it SMELLS like spring. Fresh air! So it had me dreaming of warmer weather, which makes me think of clothes, which made me go through my clothes and pull out things I love but never wear, and probably never will. So here is what I got:

100% Silk
Size 6
Bright peach
Excellent condition
I think it would look adorable with light aqua or white skinny jeans, maybe even belt it?

 Banana Republic
Size 0 short
98% Cotton, 2% Spandex
Jackson Fit-higher waisted, wide leg, classic trouser pant

These are like brand new, and I love them, but, they are not flattering on me. If you were short enough, these would look super cute with a wedge heel.

 Max Studio
Size XS
92% Vinscose, 8% Spandex
3/4 sleeves, comes down over my rear end

This has the potential to be super cute with white skinny jeans. Super soft and comfy. Fitted. I just don't wear it and it doesn't flatter me. Originally a $70 shirt, not sure who would pay that much for it!

 Banana Republic
Size 2
94% Cotton, 4% Spandex
I know it looks really short and wide here, but I am 5ft. 3in. and it hits right above my knees.

                                                                        Express Design Studio
Size 4 short
Classic trouser.

Somehow I have several pair of wide leg pants, wide hips and trouser pants are just not a flattering combo in my opinion, so I am getting rid of my stash.

 This is the J.Crew top from the very first picture. But the white pants are what we are talking about.

Size 2 short-City Fit
100% cotton
These babies are like brand new. Crisp white, so adorable. Not flattering on me. I have on wedge heels on in the picture. 

 Charlotte Russe
Size 5
100% Linen
They can be rolled up to capris or left down as pants. Of course linen is super cool and comfy.

Size 2
Like new. I will probably never wear it though.

And you know how when you scramble around  in December hitting every Goodwill you can only to find that they are sold out of Ugly Christmas Sweaters? Yeah, happens to me most years, except this past year I found this beauty. I actually won a contest at our college Bible study with it. It's a large, with shoulder pads-doesn't get much better than that.Only 288 days till Christmas, go ahead and be early for once. =)

 How this is going to work is you mail me money and I mail you clothes. Ha. Okay, so how it really will work is email me at if you want something, we will then exchange mailing addresses, you send me a check and I will mail you the clothing item [unless of course you actually live near by]. S&H $2, just to help cover some of the cost.

Simple, eh? Now shop so I don't have to take these things to Goodwill!

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  1. I can't believe what an entrepreneur you've become... Like selling clothes I have you before I moved out! Hahahahaha that was clever. :p


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