Thursday, March 28, 2013

Insta-Friday [Edition #6]

 After years & years of wanting to try on my mom's wedding dress, it finally happened on Monday! She was 8 months older than I am right now and about 25lbs. lighter....and apparently my rib cage is wider than hers....couldn't get the last few inches zipped. 

 My two, adorable [obviously] cousins. We had our family Christmas/Easter last Saturday and they talked me into several running races...oh and you know....climbing a tree barefoot in skinny jeans, that was a new one.
Apple & peanut butter. Greek yogurt & fresh strawberries. #lunch
 And since I live in the midwest and we still get dumped with snow at the end of March...
if one is suppose to make lemonade out of lemons, 
then you could conclude that you should make snow cream with out of season snow.
 I have a new favorite hot drink--Chai Tea Lattes. So good...but so stinkin' expensive. 
So I experimented. I bought decaff chai tea bags, heated my own milk, steeped said tea in said hot milk, and added a tablespoon of honey for sweetness--tastes the exact same.

Let's see, at the coffee shop that would have been $4. I bought 18 tea bags for $2.39 & I don't count milk and honey because those are household staples.
Hello $0.13 latte...I feel so frugal!
 My sweet "niece." I love this crazy girl to death!
Sunshine this evening as I cruised country roads...nearly got myself lost, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. 

What's your week looked like?

life rearranged

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