Saturday, March 30, 2013

Hair Tutorial!

About a month an a half ago, my dear friend Priscilla asked how I did my big, loose instead of sending a 10 page text trying to explain the process, I decided to attempt a tutorial video. It has taken me two straight days to get this uploaded to youtube! But nevertheless, it has arrived! Like most people when they see themselves on video, I cringe through watching this. Who knew a person could clear their throat that many times or make so many weird facial expressions...apparently I can.  


  1. That was great Olivia! The kids and I just watched your tutorial. They loved how you held your hair in your mouth. =) You are beautiful!

    1. Thanks Jill....holding my hair in my mouth is the best way I can figure out to do it...if only I had a few more hands. ;) xo


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