Wednesday, February 13, 2013

WIWW-Edition #2

 The Stats: 
Denim jacket I've had for the past 5+ years, an absolute staple to my wadrobe: Goody's on clearance.
Plum sundress: Found it in the ghetto for $8. Anne Tayler's The Loft brand.
Grey tights: Walmart
Grey flowered flats: Shoe store around 4+ years ago. 

& I made a loose, big curl tutorial video...and so far it's taking about a billion hours for the thing to upload to youtube. So maybe some day it will show up here, or maybe not. ha

Grey boots & grey Target tank from last week.
Skinny Jeans new from JC Penney's last December.
Peach chambray shirt: Old Navy. I paid $25 for it, which is high for what I normally pay for one shirt, but it was so adorable, and fit, and I loved the I splurged. And I am super pleased with it, definitely a wardrobe staple. 
And my Banana Republic sweater I scored used for $4!

and that gorgeous double-barrel, over under shotgun I am sporting is one of my newest "investment." When you come from the same county as Annie Oakley, a girl just should know how to shoot. no more borrowing guns from the boys.

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  1. It is nice to see someone who is still brave enough to pose with a gun with all these anti-gun things going around! And with such a chic outfit! you go girl!

  2. Very nice shotgun. You have good taste. Let me know how it shoots and maybe we can have a girls day with the clays. Have fun on your trip! :-) Bet you'll try some of your new Lime Ricky suits.

    1. I would totally be up for a girls day of shooting sometime. =) And yes ma'am I certainly did wear my new them!


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