Thursday, February 14, 2013

Insta-Friday....on a Thursday

 Girl's night/Valentines party at the sister's most creative cookie
 strawberry smoothies & paper straws.
most clever cookie of the evening.

 saturday morning breakfast with the sister. got to see her 3 times within 4 days...a rare treat.
4 mile run with my puppy Sunday afternoon. She did better running than she did posing.
& insta-Friday became insta-Thursday this week because later today I am Florida bound for a long weekend! Happy Valentines Day to me. ha!

& completely unrelated, but this lovely ginger is one of my dearest friends. As you can imagine, I am beyond excited that she started a youtube channel.  
introducing the newest gal on youtube...who will eventually go viral one of these days....& you can say you saw her first here...i give you Lynn Diehm. Enjoy. 

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