Friday, February 8, 2013


Hello Friday! Can I get an amen? Since I just got instagram this week [which I am so proud of myself for not being addicted to it], I thought I would do an insta-Friday from my past week. So sorry, if you are a facebook friend &/or an instagram follower ...trying to add in something that hasn't been posted either of those places here.

 [my sweet Tanzanian buddy, pray for him as this 7 year old lost his daddy in a motor accident two days after Christmas]
 [my current stack of reading material. I am half way through Love & Respect and Bringing Up Bebe]
 [candle glow. awesome ferris wheel of pictures from the best friend. salt rock lamp]
 [trip down memory lane. if the day comes that i can no longer ride on one these babies, it will be a sad day indeed]
[Valentine's banner for a playdate party with the kiddos next week....until then, it is adorning my window] 

[life is short. smile while you still have teeth. sage advice, no? post 1.45 hrs. at the gym. 12 weeks & 1 day till my 1/2 marathon!!!]

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