Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Florida [2013]

 After having dubbed this 21st year of my life one to be filled with adventure, I wasted no time in planning those adventures. The first one to take place was a trip to Florida to visit friends this past [long] weekend. This included flying commercially...for the first time....on my own! Praise God, I made it to and from with lay overs in Atlanta, managed not to get lost or kidnapped! Seriously a miracle. I booked my flight very specifically, planning my window seat on the correct side of the plane, with the hopes of seeing a sunset from the sky. The Maker of the sun did not disappoint.

 Thomas Edison Parade...one of the biggest night time parades in the country!
 Weirdest float.
 'Redneck Yacht Club'
Completely prepared for Chik-Fil-A 'Eat More Chikin' day this summer!

 Super cool farmers market!
 Giant blow fish on the beach.

$15,000 wedding dress with shells hand sew onto it. The dress maker also had an adorable little shop.
 Delicious ice cream...one of our last stops before I headed home!

 So long sunshine state...

 Homeward bound!


  1. This looks like such a fun trip! I've never been to Florida, but from your photos is looks incredibly neat. And that wedding dress?!?! Stunning. I think I'll go to that sunshine state just to hang out in that shop... :)

    1. Hey Meg! It was an all around awesome trip. Florida is actually one of my least favorite states, but awesome to visit at least once. I'm not a laying on the beach all day kind of a gal. :)


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