Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sibling Day!

 Dear Caleb, 
Since being mentioned on my blog makes you feel famous. Enjoy this moment. 
You got 'first photo in the post privilege.'

 Cal's oldest younger sister, Hannah, Morgan, & I baking cookies.

 classy brothers

 Cal's brother Joel & his lovely gal, Hannah.
 i think there needs to be a name for my siblings in laws...because I can't call them my in laws, but they are like siblings or cousins.

 snitching cookie dough...

 & pretending like they had made them all.

 pumpkin sugar cookies!
 everyone had to leave & so we stayed at the Ingram's house so I could finish baking cookies. He lays on the couch to take a nap, turns on josh turner, and I cover him up with a blanket....then he says, this is what it would be like if we lived on our own....and I would say, go make me a samich. I told him that I would just say, yeah right. haha

 I then ran around their house leaving random notes on things such as this milk jug...
 their microwave....

 Cal's night stand....

 Bathroom mirror...
 Bedroom mirror...
 washing machine....
 & sisterly advice on her nightstand. 

This was our second "sibling day" at M&C's house. Joel, Hannah, and Hannah all go to a university about an hour from them, so they come spend the weekend on occasion and we like to hang out with them all too.

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