Saturday, January 5, 2013

Room Project [Finished Edition]


Broke 5 machine needles with this process. I used a painters drop cloth from Home Depot. Two in a pack for $11 and it is a massive piece of canvas fabric. I used about 1/4th of one of them for this chair.

Tables from target for 50% off...making them $7.
Curtain rods can get expensive. A friend suggested I use tree branches. The Lord directed my path and I came up from the woods with an arm full of options. A little spray paint and they were good to go.

I love horses and was excited to find this lovely piece at Marshall's for $15

You'll notice a theme in my room of things I adore...pigs, ferris wheels, paris, and horses.

 This is the same crazy colored lamp from before...spray painted the shades on it.

 Still unsure about the lamp to the right side. I love light, but this one is falling apart, so I might invest in something different.
 DIY wall. My absolute favorite part of the room.

 I got this at Goodwill years ago and held onto it because I thought it was charming. It ended up being the final piece for the wall and fit perfectly. If you notice far off on the right hand side of the Eiffel Tower there is a ferris wheel...the same ferris wheel that is on the canvas above. I hadn't even planned that.
 Frames from Dollar Tree painted.
 Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life. -Proverbs 13:12 
Already had the hoop, embroidery floss, and used the painters canvas again.
 A spare board from the garage and some paint.
 $0.99 piece of scrapbook paper. the mirror. I got it 50% off at Hobby Lobby for $40
 Finished chair and pillow that probably cost about >$10
 I am so excited to finally have it all FINISHED! Took long enough. By the time you add everything up, I probably spent about $100 or a little more by the time you add up fabric, paint, frames, decorations, curtains, curtain rod hooks, tables, etc. I hadn't set a budget but I thought that was a good amount considering how much I did do. =)

 Paint color: My paint chip is from Ace and is their own brand, but dad actually took the chip and got the paint at Lowes. All three window walls have Amber Afternoon and the other walls are two squares up the paint chip called Peachtree.

Come back later this week for the first of two birthday related posts: The Sobriety of Turning 21. 



  1. AWESOME!!!! I love your taste. You should post individually on how you did some of those projects....the chair, the "choose joy"....oh, this is just a fun room. Very nice work. :-)

  2. Wow! You did A LOT with $100!!!! I especially love that you have several desk areas sprinkled around. What do you use each desk for?

    1. I tried to be as frugal as possible and come up with creative ways to re purpose things I already had. It was a fun challenge! I do have three desks in my room. More for the purpose of filling the space than anything. The glass/silver desk I do use for my computer. The small white desk, it primarily for decoration purposes and tends to collect papers and books as I come and go. My white desk by my bed is used as my night stand...kinda large, but I like it. =)


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