Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Get Wisdom.

 Are you pursuing wisdom? 

I am a fan of the book & ministry Love & Respect by Dr. Emerson Eggerich and a few months ago I stumbled upon his daughter, Joy's, ministry Love & Respect Now. Her website/blog shares practical ways on how to show love and respect whether your single, in a relationship, or newly married. I have spent many nights staying up too late watching her videos and reading her blog posts. One thing she always reiterates is 'get wisdom.' 

I want to be a wise woman. And I often equate that with age and find myself thinking, "When I'm a grandma, I want to be wise. I want Scripture to always be on the tip of my tongue to counsel those younger than I." And then I remember that being wise isn't something I will wake up with the first morning I discover a grey hair. It's a life long activity of learning more about God and His heart, actively being in God's word on a regular basis, and not only gleaning wisdom from those older than me, but also passing it on to those younger than I. I want to seek God and search the Scripture for wisdom. I want to be a woman that seeks wise counsel.

Here is one of my favorite videos of Joy's as she talks about guarding our hearts-because what we allow into our hearts will come out. 

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