Saturday, January 12, 2013

21 for My 21st [Part I]

  I adore random acts of kindness.
So much fun to just make someones day.

And offer a glimpse of the LOVE
we have because of our Savior.
I also like to think that it helps
restore peoples negative view of
humanity & the young people 
of today.  haha. 


I want my actions to speak [LOUD].
I want Christ to radiate through me
'Dear children, let us not love with
words or tongue, but with actions &
truth.' -1 John 3:18   

Want to know more about the Jesus 
I am talking about? Check this out.
Or my [Believe] button above. 

So for my birthday I have decided
to grab a friend, after I profusely 
thank my boss for the day off 
[I was just a bit too hopeful when I originally wrote least it was a half day.] after work, &
go check off as many random acts 
of kindness as I can do in one day.  

Here's my list & I plan on photographing as we pictures will follow soon:

1. Put random notes of encouragement on parked cars.

2. Buy flowers and pass them out at the nursing home.

3. Leave a gift in the mailbox for the mail lady. 

4. Pay for $10 of someone’s gas.

5. Tape four quarters to a pop machine & leave a note.

6. Buy crayons and coloring books for the hospital maternity waiting room & deliver them [the crayons and coloring books...not the children].

7. Go through a drive thru and pay for the person behind me.

8. Mail two college care packages.
9. Mail three notes of encouragement to three friends.

10. Hold as many doors open possible for people.

11. Mail letters to my sponsor kiddos.

12. Bake & deliver cookies to my local fire department.

13. Mail boxes of candy to friends.

14. Leave a small gift for waiter/waitress

15. Bake a pie for a friend.

16. Send at least 3 encouraging texts.

17. Leave a $5 gift card on someones car.

18. Put quarters in the carts at Aldi's

19. Pay for someone's haircut at Great Clips

20. Donate a bag of cat food to the animal shelter.

21. Pass out $1 bills

My mom asked if she and dad were on my list of recipients for an act of kindness, I told her I hadn't planned on it....but now that she's mentioned it, I think I'll buy you a puppy or a horse or both, come spring! Sound good mom??? ;)

Would you join me and commit your own random acts of kindness on Monday--and comment to let me know what you did?!

Also, if you have been the recipient of  one of these random acts of kindness, and have decided to check this out as a result of the card you received...would you leave me a comment please and let me know if/how you passed it forward?!?



  1. I made Blue Berry Delight for someone and delivered it to there house on their birthday:) I am sure they were suprised! Thank you for your passion for Christ! Have a Happy Birthday! Mrs. Wise

    1. thank you sooo much mrs. wise for passing on an act of kindness...and for letting me be the recipient. =)


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