Wednesday, January 16, 2013

21 for my 21st [Part 2]

most things had a note with them that said the above...
 1 of 2 notes of encouragement.
 Chocolate covered cookie dough bites for our waitress and M&M's for our mail lady.
 coloring books and crayons for the hospital waiting room. 

 two care packages with things I love.
 candy to be mailed.
 card and $5 walmart giftcard on a random car

 $2 of quarters took care of 8 shopping carts
 ordered a water and bought the lady behind me's lunch. had two freak out moments sitting in the drive-thru....1. had to pray that God would send someone to be behind me in line so I didn't have to go through another drive-thru. 2. momentarily lost my debit card.

 passed out flowers at the nursing home. took me awhile to find people because I hit afternoon nap time. One lady took the flower I offered her and mumbled, "What am I suppose to do with this now!" as I walked away. I didn't know giving her a flower was going to be such an ordeal. ha
 arm full of parcels to mail!
 snack machine at the hospital. 

paid for an older ladies haircut!

I had so much fun running around, doing these things in as sneaky of a manner as I could. Unfortunately, I didn't really have contact with anyone to experience their reactions...other than the ladies at the nursing home who received flowers. And no one was able to make it to do this with me. Hence, not very exciting pictures. ha.

My sister and brother-in-law gave me a $10 McDonald's gift card and a sheet of 9 stamps to commit more random acts of kindness. Originally, it had been a Subway gift card and 10 stamps...but along his way, there was someone in Caleb's path that was in need of the gift card. And a man in the post office that was just getting ready to buy one stamp, so Cal gave him one off the sheet. I thought that was pretty cool..


  1. Ok Olivia, I finally got this to work so I can comment. You are a lovely girl with a beautiful heart for Jesus. I want to Thank you for giving me the surprise of McDonalds! I think the drivethru young lady was as shocked as I was! I wish I could have thought to honk at you. Anyway, it was a very fun thing for me to receive that day and I pray the Lord will bless you as much as you are blessing others. I have something I want to do, and will tell you After I do it. What a sweet idea. I have not read all your comments yet, I take it this is for your 21st Birthday? God be with you and keep close to Him. I loved this. Thanks again!

    1. Gail, I am so excited that you figured out how to leave a comment! It was my pleasure. =) Please let me know what it is you are planning on doing. Have a wonderful day.

  2. There is a gift in the Bible called "giving" and God has blessed people with it. I believe you are one. You have a kind and generous heart. Most times we will never see the reaction, nor the impact, of a generous deed. There will be some who have scraped and worked for every penny in their life, never expecting a handout from anyone. And when a generous {and free} gift is given, it can be humbling, and heartbreaking. That is the beauty of what you share....because God's gift is free and perfect. Some will take without appreciation, but many will wonder why? Sometimes our obedience and love open that door to share Christ. Thanks, Liv, for all the ideas. Continue to push yourself to the "limit", because then Christ will take you further. He will never let you down, especially when you are blessing others in His name. Love you and proud of you!!!

    1. Laura, Thank you so much. I would actually agree with you, I believe it is one of my God given gifts to be a giver, and it's something I learned as I watched my earthly father is the same way. Each part of the Body differs and when we use our gifts for His glory it all comes together to paint a beautiful picture of who He is.

  3. Good for you, Olivia!!!

    What great memories you made.

  4. What an awesome idea and how fun! Blessings on your year ahead!


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