Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas Throwback [ie. Coy's in the 90's]

One of my favorite Christmas traditions growing up {& currently} was building gingerbread house. I've probably never told my mother, but I think when it comes to Christmas, she was a saint. I realize now how much work goes into Christmas...and how much we did when we were little. I remember several years she spent hours baking gingerbread houses and building them with dad till late in the night so we could decorate them. Good memories. 

 For as long as I can remember we have always opened our stockings on Christmas Eve. We siblings also give our gifts to each other and our parents. Another one of my favorite traditions.

My patience level to open presents on Christmas morning as a kid--non existent.
 My patience level to open presents on Christmas morning as an adult--non existent. 
I should probably work on that...

 Another one of my absolute favorite traditions is every year we get an ornament. Many years they correlate with something significant that happened. This year the three of us each got matching ones...mine says "Middle Child--Mom's favorite."
 i am confused why my sister was still writing notes to santa at 10...
 and thought she would get a cell phone...didn't happen.
 i find it alarming that my mother stuck us on the lap of this guy that we can barely even see his eyes....stranger danger?

 My first Christmas. 

 My second Christmas

 What's your favorite tradition[s]? 




  1. How fun! Love all the old photos. Old pictures are the best.

    What neat memories and traditions.

  2. Liv-
    This is too funny!!! It is so fun to see people as kids. :-) Let's see...a favorite Christmas tradition? Just one? I love Christmas, from putting up the tree to listening to Christmas music for a month (sorry Jeremy), and making presents. And I LOVE to wrap presents....I think there is something theraputic about it. :-) Thanks for the cute post.


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