Friday, December 7, 2012

1/4th of a Marathon [Running Milestone]

Tonight I convinced myself to do something crazy. 

I made up my mind to run 6.55 miles. 

5 miles is the second "long distance" run I've ever done & that was 2 1/2 weeks ago.

& when I say run i mean jogged. 

I love the thought of actually moving at a speed that truthfully matches the cliche: Run like the wind!

In order to do that, according to meteorologists, I would have to be running at a speed of 20-30mph.

Honestly, it would take a lot to just even  Run like the breeze! 
 Because technically, a breeze is 15-25mph.

I am not a natural runner and I always run in intervals. 
I am convinced running is 60% mental and 40% physical.
I would prefer to run out of doors...but with the cold weather
and the fact that it is dark when I leave for work and when
I get home, it's not really an option till spring. So I persevere
on the treadmill.  

Tonight's stats:
Mile 1-ran all of it all while deciding I was only running two because I really hate it.
Mile 2-ran & walked sporadically and talked myself into three at minimum. 
Mile 3 through 6-alternated between walking 1/10th and running 2/10ths. 
At the start of the 3rd mile I decided that if I was going 3, I might as well go 5 and if I was going 5, I might as well just go 6 1/2.
Mile 6 through 6.55-ran without walking...all while controlling my desire to skip with joy over having nearly finished a fourth of a marathon.

I averaged with 13 minute miles. I was pleased...for now.

 super sweaty and ridiculously happy

run Forrest run
or something along those lines


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  1. Love it! You go girl! This is so funny, and I am totally impressed. So glad you submitted evidence. ;)


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