Sunday, November 18, 2012

Fall Photo Overload

 For Christmas I got Jae tickets to a Josh Turner concert near us. So good.

 Mr. Turner...and his wife is his pianist...I thought that was adorable.

 Color Run 5K!
 Our gang

 Mr. & Mrs. Ingram..official photographers & junk holders.
 Crazy people

 Color dump
 If you look like I am holding this orange in like 4 many pictures kept getting snapped....

 Throwing left over color

 love these girls!
 shoe box packing craziness after service at m&c's church today

 hanging Christmas lights!

 Girl can cook! & it was delicious!
 Bridesmaid gather at Mrs. Ingram's.

 Coffee shop downtown with A Christmas Carol scenes on all the windows. Took my nanny kiddos in for cookies and to marvel at the decorations.
 Firehouse tour play date.

Lunch date.  

[Take Note: I have recently added a new tab at the top labeled Encouragement filled with some of my favorite Scriptures. And the Believe tab has been updated with my testimony.]

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