Sunday, November 11, 2012

[10] Things I Miss About My Sister....

please pardon my sleepy eyes and any essence of us looking a bit out of it, the common cold has become our norm for the past week.

It's almost been two months since Morgan officially moved out. Slowly, but surely, she had begun hauling her belongings to their house before the wedding, but the last items were gathered shortly after their honeymoon. I was thinking last night about all the things I miss about having my sister in the same house with me.

[1] She took all the good nail polish....which I guess was only fair since she was the one that bought it, and we had never agreed to share it or anything. 

[2] No more expensive shampoo, hairspray, gel, mouse, cream, etc. I am seriously too cheap to buy these things. 

[3] There is no one to borrow an emergency clothes, shoes, or accessories from. And nobody to tell me if my clothes/jewelry match...because sometimes I have issues with this...and Jared is only so much help....

[4] No one to watch stupid youtube videos with like this, this, & this.

[5] Let's be real, after sharing a room for all 20 years of my life, sometimes I get creeped out after I have a weird dream.

[6] I actually kinda miss all of her junk all over the room. I haven't pin pointed why in the world I would miss that, but people were right. Now the closet is a different story, i love being able to actually walk into my walk in closet. 

[7] It was way more convenient to do things together when she lived we actually have to schedule time. Saturday morning we decided to go out to breakfast since Mr. Ingram had some church meetings that morning. Thursday I was feeling really ambitious about having a super productive Saturday. I said, let's meet at 8:30, which meant i would have to get up before 8, which is something I boycott when it comes to Saturdays. By Friday night I change it to 8:45. Saturday morning I was running late and told her I'd be there by 9. Time of arrival 9:10am. It would have been so much faster if we were running late in the same house instead of wasting precious eye lash curling time texting about it.

[8]  Nobody to randomly break out singing around the house.

[9] Her lovely Canon 40D no longer resides here as well. 

[10] I simply miss the presence of a great confidant to share my secrets with late at night and even getting annoyed at her when she wasn't listening because she was always preoccupied texting or talking Caleb. 



  1. Ah, love this! I know that one day when my older sis has moved out, that I will feel the same way. :)

  2. AMEN!! In most of those areas I totally know what you are talking about! I cried after my one sis got married.."our" room echoed!! Blessings to you liv!

  3. You mean Jared won't just break out sinking with you. What kind of brother us he!?! ;-)


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